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  • Paul M. Martin

Scholarship Fund Donation

Goal - Establishment of the Dr. Paul M. Martin Scholarship Fund at the anniversary of the year of his death.  The scholarship fund will assist Redeemer in its continued focus of ministering to the youth in the church and them and their parents in the community; to continue the legacy started by Dr. Martin when the church first reached out into the community to be of service to the community.

This endeavor to fund will continue Dr. Martin’s passion for the youth and to strengthen Redeemer’s resolve to continue the vision:

We are family, shaping, sharing, and showing our brothers and sisters a better way. - Act 2:41-42, 47
The fund will be to honor Dr. Martin’s work at Redeemer and in particular his dedication to children and his legacy of establishing the 1st primary school in the Presbyterian Church; his work in the community and his ties across demoninations: Presbyterians, Baptists, Methodist, AME and Church of God In Christ.
The money raised for the scholarship fund will be used in the following matter:
The fund will be administered with separate accounting by the Redeemer Session via a Scholarship Committee with full disclosure on distribution of funds to all donors. Criteria and parameters are currently being established and will benefit the following:
§  Providing scholarships for those graduating from high school, junior college, four-year college, or trade schools; students in the surrounding communities are eligible to participate

§  For community outreach, local and international; Redeemer’s “Happy n You Know It” Summer Camp and in partnership with Global Compassionate Connections, “Happy n You Know It ” Summer Camp in Cameroon, Africa.  As offshoot from the local summer camp, there is a great deal of interest from the youth in organizing a chess club that may be able to compete in formal competitions in the future.  Another by-product of the mission work in Africa is the opening of a new primary school in Doula, Africa (scheduled for opening in 2017).
§  Assistance to the NBPC-SC Pacific Water Walkers Summer Camp that focuses on a week long journey of spiritual nourishment, exploration of talents and leadership skills for youth of the sister Presbyterian churches and youth from the wider community add another dimension to their personal and spiritual growth.  
§  Other youth programs that may result in identified needs/interests by parents or youth themselves from the surrounding communities. 
Make a donation now and be a part of keeping
Dr. Martin's spirit reaching out to those in need.
I want my money to be applied to:

Academic scholarships
Redeemer Summer Camp
Cameroon, Africa Summer Camp
National Black Presbyterian Church-SC (NBPC-SC) Summer Camp

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